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Assassin Deck Box

Assassin Deck Box

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1 x Assassin Deck Box. This fan designed art was created in partnerhip with Isuardi Therianto, famous Flesh and Blood Artist who brought you Arakni, Beacon of Victory, Vexing Quillhand, and many more of your favorite card arts, to bring our vision to life!

Pls note: Your box will not come signed by Isuardi, the signature in the photo is just a flex to show he will sign these if you see him at events.

Perfect Size: 6.5 in x 4.5 in x 4 in.

Bundle and Save $

- $75 (Save $5) Deck Box and Matching Mat: 1 x Assassin Deck box and 1 x Spider Lair Mat

- $90 (Save $10) Deck Box and Matching Autographed Mat by Isuardi: 1 x Assassin Deck box and 1 x Autographed Spider Lair Mat (only 9 available)

- $77 (Save $10) Ultimate Assassin Set: 1 x Deck Box, 1 x Plague Hive Dice, 3 x Silver Tokens Old Style, Mask Pin and 1 x Metal Hero Card

Though fully compatible with Flesh and Blood TCG, these are unofficial and are not associated with or officially endorsed by Legend Story Studios, Flesh and Blood, or any other entity. Tokens are pictured here alongside game materials for context. Those cards are not included.


Tokens, Dice, Pins, and Cards: Metal

Trays: PLA

T-Shirts: Cotton


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