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War or Peace Metal Token

War or Peace Metal Token

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War or Peace Metal Token, fan designed to be compatible with Flesh And Blood TCG. 

Pls Note: We tried a new version of War or Peace, making the green side blue. Only Blue is currently available.

Two-sided: This solid metal token is reversible, with your favorite God on the War side sculpted in raised metal decimating an army, and on the reverse, everyone's favorite ninja finding Peace.

Perfect Size: These metal tokens are 1.57 inches on each side (40mm) and 4mm thick, a perfect size to set on of your hero to maintain your board state. The token has a nice feel in your hand - weighing 25 grams, a US quarter coin is 6 grams.

Variants: Available in two variants 1 x War or Peace token and 2 x War or Peace tokens to help your opponent keep their board state.

Exceptional Quality: Be the envy of your gaming group and/or your local scene with this heavy metal War or Peace token. These are custom made metal tokens with vibrant orange and green translucent enamel accenting the raised matte gold metal which bring these unique designs to life.

Combined play sets and other tokens available here.

Though fully compatible with Flesh and Blood TCG, these are unofficial and are not associated with or officially endorsed by Legend Story Studios, Flesh and Blood, or any other entity. Tokens are pictured here alongside game materials for context. Those cards are not included.


Metal with Soft Enamel Accents


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