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Before Regicide Mat

Before Regicide Mat

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Two Variants: 1) Normal Mat, 2) Autographed byt the artist Isuardi Therianto (only 10 available)

We all remember James White spoiling the Emperor hero card and being blown away by the magnificent art, and we were instantly pulled into the lore of Uprising. As spoiler season went on, we learned more about the set and then bam – Regicide was spoiled and the Emperor was dead. As we learned more about the Assassin class, we discovered this dual dagger wielding hero and we wanted to see the moment before Arakni sprung upon the unsuspecting Emperor.

Our vision was to have the Emperor wearing the Crown of Dominion addressing his masses while Arakni is lurking and waiting for the moment to strike. So, we partnered with Isuardi Therianto, famous Flesh and Blood Artist who brought you Arakni, Beacon of Victory, Vexing Quillhand, and many more of your favorite card arts, to bring our vision to life! Hope you enjoy! We might see this art on a Deck Box soon enough…


Tokens, Dice, Pins, and Cards: Metal

Trays: PLA

T-Shirts: Cotton


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