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Event Exclusive Tokens : 1 x Oversized Metal Resource Token

Event Exclusive Tokens : 1 x Oversized Metal Resource Token

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Event Exclusive Streamer Resource Token : 1 x Oversized Metal Resource Token, fan designed to be compatible with Flesh And Blood TCG.

5 Year FAB Celebrational Exclusives: Shiny Green and Shiny Purple Streamer Resource Tokens. Only 100 of each have been made, and we will not remake this token/color combo again. 

We have made Event Exclusives for major events like the Worlds San Jose Shiny Red, PT Baltimore Shiny Blue, Netherlands Nationals, US Nationals Poker Chip Token, and the World's Sagrada Familia Tokens. 

Perfect Size: These metal tokens are 1.69 inches (43mm) and 4mm thick, a perfect size for webcam games. The tokens are designed to make it clear on camera the board state of your pitch. The resource token weighs 30 grams, compared to the normal tokens at 7 grams, compare with a US quarter coin weighing 6 grams.

Exceptional Quality: Be the envy of your gaming group and/or your local scene with this heavy metal Resource Token. Why use dice? These are custom-made metal tokens with soft enamel accenting the raised matte gold metal with hand painted color on both sides using bright red and dark black enamel to bring these unique designs to life.

Combined play sets and other tokens available here.

Though fully compatible with Flesh and Blood TCG, these are unofficial and are not associated with or officially endorsed by Legend Story Studios, Flesh and Blood, or any other entity. Tokens are pictured here alongside game materials for context. Those cards are not included.


Tokens, Dice, Pins, and Cards: Metal

Trays: PLA

T-Shirts: Cotton


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