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Rune Deck Box

Rune Deck Box

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1 x Rune Deck Box. This fan designed art was created by Phu Thieu for The Arthouse Syndicate, and we at metalFABtokens thought it would make the perfect art for our first deck box!

Since I first walked the halls of Pro Tour New Jersey trafficking in these addictive metal products, I knew I had one problem, the storage and transportation of the tokens. How can a player best carry these around to their local or any major tournament. I started with felt bags, I experimented with bitsbins, and ultimately decided I needed to manufacture custom bins for TCG players, but the cost got extremely high and once I started crunching the numbers, I decided to design my own deck box.

Now if you have been in TCGs for a while, hunting for the perfect deck box, is like trying to find the holy grail, it is going to cost you a lot of money as you churn through all the big names and nothing is going to fit the bill perfectly and you will eventually settle for good enough. This is especially true for us Flesh and Blood players because of the value of our cards and the desire to protect them. We need to go to events with our deck, our side board, our fancy cases, and our tokens so finding the perfect deck box has been a challenge.

As I went through the design process, I kept coming back to the Nike of deck boxes, Gemtech, if you have ever been lucky enough to get your hands on one of their boxes, first congrats because they sell out fast, and weirdly enough their boxes appreciate in value because they are limited runs. Gemtech deck boxes embody everything that us Flesh and Blood players need in a deck box. So, I thought, why try to invent, and design the perfect box, when it already exists, but if you have seen their boxes, the focus is on a different genre of TCGs.

Their current product lines weren’t going to cut it for me, I wanted a deck box for Flesh and Blood, just like the tokens, pins, and dice you can get from metalFABtokens, I wanted an accessory to enhance my Flesh and Blood experience. So I partnered with Brandon over at Gemtech, to bring the community the first deck box designed for the Flesh and Blood community and quite frankly the perfect deck box for FAB.

I am proud to introduce metalFABtokens first Flesh and Blood deck box, "Rune". This beautiful deck box was designed to invoke thoughts of the Demonestary with a new spin on runechants as the runes emanate out from the center. As you open the deck box you will see amazing art by FAB artist Phu Theiu, the team over at the Arthouse Syndicate commissioned this custom piece and licensed it to metalFABtokens to bring you this amazing deck box. If you haven’t checked out what they are doing, head over to, they are doing great things for lovers of fine art.

The art is UV printed onto the deck box inner, we chose this method over sublimations to enhance the vivid detail of the art. The outer box is a leather like material that is resistant to wear and tear with a foiled runechant in the center and etched runes emanating from the center to give a tactile feel to the box.

This deck box has two main compartments for cards and one for tokens. The main compartment can hold 120 single sleeved cards or 100 double sleeved cards, the second compartment can hold 60 single sleeved cards or 40-50 double sleeved cards.

But what makes this box amazing for Flesh and Blood is how you can put your CC deck and sideboard in the large compartment, or you can divide your main deck into the large compartment and your sideboard into the small compartment. Now if you are into, keeping your cards in mini snaps or oversleeves, those fit too. 

Now onto why we at metalFABtokens believe this is the best deck box, the token compartment, it smoothly folds down with a beautifully lined and embossed compartment, capable of holding a lot of tokens or dice (if that is your jam), and for those who like to flex, our line of 22mm metal dice fit quite comfortably.

I can put all the tokens I would need for a tournament in the tray. Now this isn’t meant to store all of your tokens, just the ones you will need for the hero you are taking that day. But you can see, streamer size tokens easily fit with some dice and the smaller tokens. When you are done with your tokens you fold the compartment back up and there are strong magnets to hold the token compartment in place.

After seeing the deck box, I hope you are as excited about our new line of deck boxes as I am. We are working with Flesh and Blood artists to come up with original art that is FAB inspired to enhance your gaming experience.

Now I am going to warn you, like all GEM products, this is premium, I chose all top-of-the-line options adding to the manufacturing cost, and with the original art by a best in class artist, these deck boxes will not be the cheapest on the market. But to respect your investment, we will produce these in limited runs. The Rune is going to have a 500 unit run. 

And finally, I am so excited about the original art we have planned, all I can share now is, we will have dragons, warriors, assassins, and more, stay tuned on our socials.

Perfect Size: 6.5 in x 4.5 in x 4 in.

Though fully compatible with Flesh and Blood TCG, these are unofficial and are not associated with or officially endorsed by Legend Story Studios, Flesh and Blood, or any other entity. Tokens are pictured here alongside game materials for context. Those cards are not included.


Tokens, Dice, Pins, and Cards: Metal

Trays: PLA

T-Shirts: Cotton


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