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The Battle for Solana Mat

The Battle for Solana Mat

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In our humble opinion, FAB doesn’t have enough Dragon or Warrior art so we wanted to combine them in what we are unofficially calling “The Battle for Solana.” So, we partnered with the one and only Federico Musseti, famous Flesh and Blood Artist who brought you Mangle, Chain, Tolmetai, Lexi, and many more of your favorite card arts, to create this original piece.

In Federico’s own words “Humans are used to fighting against dragons and each time they try to expand their territory, humans must defend their own reign. But this time has been different - what usually was a rough and savage attack, become something organized and planned by the dragons! These huge creatures ambushed the army while it was moving through the black rocky desert, and nobody was prepared for it!

Everybody was shocked when the dragons started burning down the first lines but not her, not the general. She looked fiery, arrogant and fearless... she knew she only had to wait for the right moment to get into the battle, and with her fiery soldiers she will be able to defeat these infernal creatures once again.”

This is a high-quality mat with vibrant colors and an excellent feel.

The additional attached images are how the mat went from concept to reality as we worked with Federico to design this beauty.


Tokens, Dice, Pins, and Cards: Metal

Trays: PLA

T-Shirts: Cotton


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